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Blogging is Like Leaving Your Thoughts In the Cloud.

I’ve always hated the term ‘blogger’. Something about it always made me feel like it was for people who didn’t have jobs, for bored stay at home moms, opinionated old people who were cranky at everyone, or weirdos who had lots of opinions, and no friends.

I have a job and I’m not a stay at home mom, but there is the possibility at my age that I’m getting dangerously close to being an opinionated old person. And, I’m definitely a little weird (let’s face it, aren’t we all)?

As I age, I find I have very little time for bullshit meaningless conversations, and if I’m being honest, my friend basket has a few key elements but is otherwise pretty much a cavernous void.

Given all this, it seemed like the right time to jump in and call myself… a blogger! Let’s see if I can find my tribe, or even better, if they can come looking for me.


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